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Woven Dance teaser is out!

For the very first time ever, earlier this year, I took on the role of director. Being immersed in Los Angeles and Hollywood for over two years has had a huge impact on my relationship to art and to creativity! Freed from certain conceptions of a pre-determined life path, inspiration found me on its way.

I'm thrilled to present Woven Dance to you.

Woven Dance is the music video for singer-songwriter, sound therapist and producer Ola Szmidt’s intimate track, Rooted. The song was released in July, as part of her third EP - the culmination of many years' creative output and her first release since signing with Matthew Herbert's Accidental.

When I was writing the dance piece and creating the music palette, I discovered Ola’s contemporary and unique music as well as her healing practice (Chinese medicine, qigong, acupuncture, Reiki). We met through Instagram and quickly developed a relationship! Working together has become as essential and natural as breathing.

The short dance film is a celebration of life and rituals, rooted in sisterhood, and inspired from the Maypole tradition, a spring ritual long known to Western Europeans. I created this piece to honor interconnection, togetherness and healing as a collective, while rooted on Earth.

I thank Ola for her trust and I want to give a big shout out to the incredible dancers and crew of this project. The short dance film will be premiering in Los Angeles in September.

Stay tuned for an interview with Ola Szmidt and to received updates on the premiere.

With love,

Maëlys Renaud



Writer, Co-Director, Producer, Pole Dancer. @maelys_renaud

Co-director, Camera Op. @therickyrhodes

Producer, Camera Op. @hordanjenderson


Music. Rooted by @olaszmidt_

Drone Operator. Phil Coomb

Production Support. @crystalleyes

BTS Photographer. @ryan_schmierer

Production. @planetfroth

Choreographer, Dancer. @maraanne24

Pole Dancers. @adeyinwonderland @maelys_renaud

Healer, Dancer. @mireillefeumer

Dancers. @pamalign @diazclaudializbeth @tayflows__ @abundancebae @roller_wiitch @amanda.sunn

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