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  • Maëlys Renaud

Launch of the first 'Pole Dance for the Planet' free eBook!

Pole Dance for the Planet was born from a Manifesto I wrote one night in December 2021. In this text, I shared my vision to build a more sustainable pole dance industry. It led me to tell environmental stories on stage, to develop more ideas and to organize events to green the pole world. In June 2022, I was invited as a guest speaker at the International Pole Dance Convention to give a talk on 'How to Grow into an Environmentally Conscious Pole Dancer'!

In this conference, I gave the pole dance studio owners, event organizers, instructors, pole brands and practitioners tools and ideas to take home and to implement in their local pole environment. Published one year after the Manifesto Series (shared on my personal Instagram), the eBook ‘How to become an environmentally pole dancer’ is the continuation of this reflection and desire to build a healthier environment to live in. This sustainability guide is a free resource for pole dancers to explore concrete actions and to have a positive impact on the environment! It is my intention and hope to provide the information and support that you need to reduce the environmental impact of your activities and art, and to inspire others to join the movement. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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