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[EVENT] Join Pole Dance for the Planet's first Clothing Swap Meet & Jam *summer edition*

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Let’s face it: today’s fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutants. Did you know? Fashion production makes up 10% of global carbon emissions, dries up water sources, and pollutes rivers and streams. As consumers, we have the power to reduce our impact, contribute to a healthier life and to help protect the planet.

Fashion has an important role in the pole dancing industry and culture! How many of us have indulged in the enticing world of pole fashion? How many pole outfits do you have in your drawers? How many of them do you use regularly? How many have been acquired for a single performance? There are numerous ways in which we can care for the environment without compromising our passion for pole or aerial. Let's create new consumption habits, while creating stronger communities!

Shop second hand! This is likely the most eco-friendly and cheapest way in which you can create a wardrobe while reducing your environmental impact.

Join Pole Dance for the Planet's first Pole dance Clothing Swap Meet & Jam

Jam, music, wine, healthy snacks, new connections and lots of pole dance clothes! We are going to have so much fun!

Not a regular swap meet! It will be a great way to connect with the local pole dance community in a unique way, to try on and buy new outfits, to jam and dance altogether in a beautiful artist loft.

Since we all have different body types and outfit styles, we won't swap in the most classical way: you will set in advance small prices (2$, 5$, 10$) with paper tags for your items, and come with cash (and Venmo).

Bring good quality and freshly washed pole apparel, accessories, shoes etc. Feel free to also bring swimsuits, summer clothes (light dresses, skirts, tops) and jewelry.

  • Minimum of 5 pole dance items (bras, shorts, pole accessories...)

  • Set a price for each item: 2$, 5$ or 10$

  • There will be a fitting room

  • Broken pieces (missing buttons, broken zippers, stains etc) will be placed in a free box

  • Unwanted clothes will be donating to a local charity - optional

  • Bring a tote bag for shopping

Wine is on me! Bring snacks to share!

WHEN: Sunday August 7th 5pm-8pm

WHERE: Los Angeles, Arts District/China Town area

Limited spots, 10$ early bird admission, registration

Let’s harness the power of the pole dance community to go sustainable and protect our planet.

With love, Maëlys

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