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My Inspirations

Over the years, I read, I watched, I cried, I danced, I laughed,

Moved by many thoughts leaders, artists, novels, films...

Here I share some gems with you! 

I look forward to the teas, beautiful dinners, wine tastings, crêpes making, pole dance jams, movement practices, and working sessions that will create opportunities for us to share more and to keep the conversation going.

& Activits
Pierre Rabhi Writer Farmer Activist Environmentalist Nature Agroecology Colibri Hummingird Love Planet Earth Soil

Pierre Rabhi

Pierre Rabhi was a French writer, farmer, environmentalist and known as a pioneer of agroecology. He participated in the sharing of the hummingbird parable and the power of small.

Pattie gonia Inspiration Dragqueen Outdoor Love Nature Environmental Activist Fashion Heels Marginalized Social Justice.jpg

Pattie Gonia

Drag Queen and Intersectional Environmentalist, her mission is to create safe spaces in the outdoors for underrepresented and marginalized communities and to promote environmental activism.

Capture d’écran 2023-03-07 à 09.36.45.png

Greta Thunberg

She is not afraid of speaking up, of speaking truth to power. She challenges world leaders to take immediate action for climate change mitigation and leads a worldwide movement calling for global change.

Woodkid Goliath Environment Singer Songwriter Narration Storytelling Visuals Collaboration


Woodkid is a French singer-songwriter, music video director, graphic designer known for his beautiful voice and an epic style and narration. His intense music video Goliath is a must-watch: the coal trembles to the beat of the percussion.

Robwoodcox Photographer Visual Artist Bodies Nature Environment Fine Art

Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox explores the intersections of human and environmental interactions through legendary and awe-inspiring conceptual, fashion & fine art portrait photography. 

fka twigs_edited.jpg

FKA twigs

She is an English singer, songwriter and dancer with a very strong artistic vision: ethereal aesthetic and staggering performances. She started pole dancing a few years ago and is an absolute muse!

The overstory Richard Powers Trees Forests Resilience Novel Natural World

by Richard Powers

Trees are majestic. Trees are life.

This masterpiece won the 2019 Pullitzer Prize. It is a thrilling and intricate tale involving nine characters which interactions with trees bring them together to shade a new light on our relationship with the natural world.

Milk and honey Rupi Kaur Poems Poetry Poet Woven Dance Love Feminity Survival Sisterhood

by Rupi Kaur

A collection of moving poetry and prose about love, femininity, anger, hopelessness and survival that inspired the chapters of my most recent short dance film Woven Dance: Being,

Rooting, Rising, Blooming.

In Defense of Witches Sorciere Mona Chollet Empowerment Feminism Nature Witchcraft Power Women

by Mona Chollet

A very well-document and empowering read tells us that witchcraft is always present, deeply rooted in our collective representations: managerial exploitation of nature has gone hand in hand with the enslavement of women.

Films &
Tomowwor Melanie Laurent Cyril Dion sustainability Energy Education Positive stories Climate Regenerative Agriculture Film Documentary

by Mélanie Laurent, Cyril Dion

This French documentary helped me fight eco-anxiety! Tomorrow sets out to showcase solutions and alternatives of viewing agriculture, energy and education.

Captain fantastic Matt Ross forest trees storytelling film movie love nature society woods

by Matt Ross

A story of love and extremes. A father who is raising his children off the grid and in the woods has to return to society after an unexpected turn of events.


This excellent Icelandic film paints the striking portrait of a modern-times warrior: Hallah, a 50-year-old environmental activist who crusades against the local aluminum industry. Brilliant.


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