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Manifesto Series

The Manifesto Series project encapsulates my beliefs. It is a concise and engaging declaration exposing principles that guided my initial inspiration to grow Pole Dance for the Planet.


- ‘​​I wrote this manifesto thinking about you, each one of you.

The strength, resilience and fortitude of pole dancers is limitless.

Their care for the environment can be too.

Let’s do this together!’


creative direction & dancer • Maëlys Renaud

photography • Ricky Rhodes

Manifesto Series Pole for Planet.png
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Manifesto Series Pole for Planet 3.png
Manifesto Series Pole for Planet 3.png


Build Regenerative Fashion Systems

Man-made materials inevitably leak into the environment: it is time to leave petroleum behind.

Fashion companies already have all of the elements needed to transition fashion to 100% bio-compatible fibers, improving local economies and cleaning up the environment in the process.

Let’s switch!

Manifesto Series Design a Regenerative Pole Dance Fashion.png
Manifesto Series Shop Greener Pole Dancing Poles.png


Design Sustainable Pole Gear

We need to talk about resources and how we use them.

As a community, let's create better design and ask ourselves and our pole providers: what is the pole made of? Can we reduce the footprint of the material used? What is the equipment's longevity? How to recycle it? 


Move towards a Net-Zero Industry

Carbon offsetting is a hot topic right now. Carbon offsetting solutions are positive climate action projects used by organisations and individuals when they can’t reduce their environmental footprint any further. They allow to buy and retire carbon credits by investing in low carbon or sustainable development projects, and co-benefit biodiversity and communities.

Manifesto Series Offset your Pole Dance Practices Net Zero.png
Manifesto Series Reduce energy water waste.png


Reduce Energy Use, Water and Waste

The goals, among others: to limit carbon emissions, to save water, to increase the air quality and to reduce utility bills.


Offer Healing and Clean Dance Spaces

How can we be more conscious about the spaces we move and grow in? By carefully choosing the way we take care about our studios, poles and surroundings.

Manifesto Series Reduce use of harmful chemicals clean products.png
Manifesto Series Benefits to pole dance in nature pole jams.png


Organize Outdoor Pole Jams

Exposure to green space and sunshine naturally increase our 'feel-good' hormones and improves our sense of overall happiness. Let's boost pole dancers' physical health and well-being by organizing outdoor pole dance classes and jams as well as environment forward actions (community gardening, tree planting...).

Those benefits increase with the presence of friends!

Discover Pole Dance for the Planet

Discover my mission and take a look at the services I offer!

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