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Pole Dance for the Planet

Pole Dance for the Planet is a platform dedicated to the players of the pole dance industry to provide them with knowledge, connections, support and services with the aim to address climate change and the many environmental challenges that we face: 

• by exploring the relation between pole dance and the natural ecosystems,

• by integrating environmental values,

• by raising environmental awareness.

Maëlys Renaud

I am Maëlys Renaud, a French multi-faceted pole dance artist, environmentalist and sustainability strategist and I run Pole Dance for the Planet. As a native of natural landscapes, my distinctive personal style emanates earthiness, emotionality and sensuality, and expresses the intensity and strength of Brittany culture.

With a Master's Degree in Chemistry from University Paris-Sorbonne and a Master's Degree in Business Law and Intellectual Property from Sciences Po Paris, I leveraged my professional career as a sustainability strategist and Science Diplomat to promote regenerative ideas and to find innovative and sustainable solutions.

"I firmly believe that every industry, every community has the power to ignite change."


Today, I perform, teach and use the practice of telling stories through pole dance to allow the natural environment a voice. I recently was gold medalist at the Pole Sport Organization Pacific 2022 competition, category Drama. Driven by my passion, I develop bridges, research projects and performances, between pole dance, art and ecology ; and will be a guest speaker at the International Pole Dance Convention (Atlanta, June 2-5th) to discuss sustainability.

I design sustainable strategies for brands to integrate environmental values and climate goals into their brand DNA, help evaluate supply chains, and communicate their sustainable goals with customers and employees.


Based in Los Angeles, I work internationally while connecting with the diverse local creative scene, the growing tech environment and the beautiful outdoors!

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